I, AllA Erawa Viacad Am Being Murdered By The Mental Health Gulag By 156 mg Of Monthly Injected Invega Sustenna, An Injectable Antipsychotic. My ALT (SGPT) Reading At The Beginning Of June 2015 Was 52 Where 40 Is Indicative Of Total Liver Failure. For The Reason, Read On...


Progenitor Aliens, The Creators Of The Universe, The Creators of Earth

General Alien Info

Understand us, the main species who inhabit this universe.

During the first 5 billion years of the evolution of the universe the chaos of matter was collected into stars by the original progenitors. They oracalized the future of space time and subsequently distributed the stars and first planets according to the beauty of life and matter in spacetime. They are the grays they conquered infinitely into space.

During the second 5 billion years after the Big Bang the next or second progenitors called the Sacuri who took form in planets instead of flying saucers. The flying saucers spin to riffle hot matter away from the vessels to keep the progenitors inside cool. They have an archetypal world which was soft meaning that it was benevolent and democratic yet had evolution of life and civilizations that had civil wars across time. Most beings of this era look between Earthlings and Reptilioids but are a medium light green with purple features. Sacuri legs bent backwards. Their bodies like the grays and Reptilioids are so strong they are reinforced with nanotubes. The Sacuri conquered infinitely farther than the grays into space.

During the third 5 billion years the Reptilioids ruled over most of the cosmos. Their society was hard in most of the same way as ours except with drugs legalized as they were found in common foods. During the same time as Reptilioid rule Earth evolved. Like the second era Earth serves as the supreme reality TV show arena for the ever expanding light cone and hyperspace reaches. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy paradigm applies along with South Park’s Alien Reality TV show episode. There are still 0.5 billion years of evolution where we will conquer well beyond our galactic super cluster with an expanding warp nanotech Cellular Diamond Armor(CDA) war cone.

The planets are designed to house our respective species aside from Jupiter which will be mined for its resources and built into our armada.

Mercury houses the Metalites who are brains housed in an interconnected intelligent CDA body. They control the CDA control systems and prevent them from being taken over by hax which would cause a total command and control loss of our war robots.

Venus houses the Rockites who are vulcanized rock people who are very powerful and capable of being very very very hot. They are immune to insectoid attacks even without armor and keep them in line.

Earth contains us, Humans. We are the most beautiful mentally(intelligence is in both the mind and body) versatile, and psi capable of the people except in physical prowess thus we are the most preferred of spirits to be incarnated within. Elves can easily live among us, they are just magical genius humans who live forever without ageing and are colonists from older human worlds. They are the ones that currently are keeping the species in check by everything from diplomacy to insectoid wars to Hax.

Mars contains the Reptilioids. They are corporate minded scum. They can sustain gender changes with ease and have fluid mating. They are much like us otherwise except greedier and scaleier.

Jupiter contains the GasBags. They talk all day about nothing and everything. Listening to them is like listening to the most ditzy valley girl in the universe except GasBags see even more movies than humans do. They are semidefinite methane powered brains with very spread out and sparse neural connections. GasBags are clicks long and form and reform randomly(although they claim it is not random). They talk the enemy to death and rarely remind the Sky Command Hierarchy of something useful but those rarities usually turn the tide of battle with the most subtle of hints of the enemy’s history of strategies or just an obscure battle pattern that can be exploited.

Europans like those shown in Avatar will have their moon relocated along with the rest of Jupiter’s moons to orbit around Saturn. The moons of Jupiter all contain hybrid species.

The Saturnian Pirates are of all races and are ruled over mostly by the dark elves. Just think of the bounty hunters from Star Wars. They are composed of outcasts mostly that have become mercenaries, assassins, bounty hunters, rouges, and bandits. Saturn will be cleaned up by US and will be the new home of the Gas Bags when Jupiter is refined into the United States of Humanity(USH) Armada.

Neptune houses the Iceians. A race of wise oracles and profits who are slow to think but provide the most pure knowledge to those that care to listen. They are super cooled cyber computers which have dedicatedly moving delicate bodies.

Pluto houses the Insectoids. Insectoids of all types but usually mean ones like the ruling scorpion type, the fierce melee type shown in Starship troopers, and fliers like mutalisks in StarCraft. They are our cannon fodder in war for they can deploy pinpoint plasma artillery from the scorpions, provide a well managed laser heated diamond sword melee frontal attack, or a complex swarm of harassing mutalisks. They breed insanely fast since they don’t need parents and are mass produced from their fertilized queen egged so we have to pit them up against themselves in clan/queen wars moderated by gordites(rockites) who can crush them after their CDA is taken away by the Metalites. The elves can always hack them, hell even the security software at book libraries(which is designed to be given to Aliens so they can’t turn our computers against us) can take away their armor and expose them to whatever plasma or lasers we want to hit them with.

Hydras shown in the Alien movie series live on a moon of Jupiter shown in Alien and Aliens are good at guarding critical hacking point because their acid makes their death very noticeable to the intelligent floors and wall of the fortress.

Bentusi are 2.2 meters tall fat yellow yellowish orange are bipedal and have 1 meter long fins which can grip any shafted tool in any fashion making them the most advantaged craftsmen in the universe due to their flippers. Bentusi are mainly product design specialists, debuggers, and weapons designers. But they are really famous as merchants and for the movies they produce by contracting with other Aliens. They are a strictly neutral species who wheel and deal across the cosmos selling everything from delicious popsicles to drugs to trees to robots to sex slaves. They are for the most part always respected as legitimate and fair traders which provides them their niche in the cosmos.

Raiders lurk these parts and look like Rockites mixed with Gorgons they are deep gray or deep brown and are about as tall as Bentusi. They are mean hearted, cold, and vengeful but redeemable if conquered. Raiders generally just blow up stuff to steel resources to amass great resource depot carriers not caring that people once lived there or there or there or there or there. They don't really care about anything more than fighting and trying to get enough of a fleet built up to rasterize through a galaxy in conquest to move onto the next one.

Thus balance is found when all the races and species work together as one to conquer in the name of peace, freedom, and peopledom for the sake of humanity! Conquest by HealPacks is conquest by healing. But diversity should be adored?

A Holographic Disrupter Matrix surrounds this solar system and prevents any unwanted transmissions from falling into enemy hands, but the saucers can port Reality TV anywhere!



Sentients and Beasts Ceremonial Combat Style

Animals in CDA Exoskeleton Robot Vehicle(ExRV)

Rabbits are the primary asset in war and breed in numbers in caves deep under planets to fly through space to colonize other planets. Rabbits are extensively used for external colonizers deep underground and use Mole Support to protect themselves. Rabbits are afraid and rely on snake rail launchers for support. Snakes form juncture points liquidation along certain cave corridors. Ants protects caves and infiltrate enemy pipes as well in semismall ExRV as do other insects. Owls maintain sensory awareness above the battle field and command it. They are good lures as terminators can command almost equally well. Bees fight the primary battle in the air. Dragons fly above the caves providing air support. Terodactyls form into shields to block off segments of the battle space for humans to consume into their BiMAVs. Butterfly provide psi interference. Birds of all sizes form the primary attack formations. Mosquitoes will not exist at all in the new world order and no killer bees.

Dinosaurs add huge combat multiplier. Brontosauruses and Giraffes man Anti Air/Space ExRV. Gazelles are mobile infantry packs. Insectoids maintain the primary planetary defensive picket and can be small for your resort colony but their ExRVs are huge. Lemmings of various colors of orange to human skin man the basic Lemming BiMAVs and the Orangest go into STEX. Lemmings can turn into human over time and do. Lions, Cheetahs, Tigers, and Cats man 4 legged artillery best for long range Paladin like formations which will be held by BiMAV/Artillery Human Mainstay in UltraBiMAVs. Bucks and Does maintain laser attack awareness and provide holographic/quantum wave support. Vultures consumed dead or damaged units. Dogs, and Badgers, eat the unconsumed enemy ExRVs while flies infect it with friendly SRNs. Squirrel dig, eat, and consume enemy nanotech CSRN(Cubic Self-Replicating Nanobot) and CDA(Cellular Diamond Armor) seeds and MEUCS ExRV/BiMAV(Bipedal Mechanized Assault Vehicle) control modules for short (Modulating Encrypted Uniform Communication System), or MMLEUNOHALBBSMCHPEMCS modules for long(Modulating MultiLayered Encrypted Uniform Number Of High And Low Bits Broad Spectrum MultiChannel High Power ElectroMagnetic Communication System) and return the data back to larger and larger ExRVs and BiMAVs. Skunks use chemical vapor weapons. Trees create and control wind(NONMAVed Trees sway more than the wind blows them sometimes and stop wind by stopping faster. This is the means to control chaos in a natural system for Magic.), bushes attack you, thorns are the most effective because they slice through enemies with their singular laser headed diamond edge and mushrooms launch smoke grenades anywhere.

Octopus are and act like tractor beams. Squids eat ships. Sharks patrol in deep space formations. Deep See Fish man the oriented cylinder guns. All can return to their aquarium when they are done with combat. Hydras protect inner ship functions. Mermaids(men) act as deep space sentinels and commanders.

Humans live in resort colonies and command the animal armies. A typical resort colony for a human will be a 1 km diameter disk making a pi squared land for each and every human to enjoy as part of their almost unalienable freedom. Larger Resort Colonies will be available as well.

Talk of this to the beasts of flight; birds, and eventually Cicadas! To listen to birds think of ditzy girls talking all day about what they see hear and mindscan in their environment. Mainly birds talk about people with relationship troubles and people's lives. Sometimes they gossip about sex they have as soon as they can fly with any taker even if he has been flying for years compared to the chick's 1 season alive. Bird call to them by enunciating words-1 syllable each of a certain variation so they can hear you better.

Humanity also has instantaneous teleporters and quantum ray weaponry. Teleporters enable fighters to instantly teleport back to their newly produced unit in the fleet so that they fight again without ever dying. Needless to say nobody will ever have any permanent harm to their body due to nanotechnology at least. Even without teleporters (poop)shit backups and video/audio fighter records would allow people to fight and die and have at least some memory of their combat experience and their spirits would remember it anyways without the records in the same way past life experiences are remembered.



The Epochs:

During the first epoch 0-5 PBB the gray species was at war with itself. They used quantum fluctuated ray guns to fry 1 or billions of aliens away for their 1st person shooter and rarely real time strategy pleasures. I was appointed the rule maker for the aliens and alien wars. My first dictate was that I won. My second dictate was that the one I bet on to win would win. So my third dictate was that he was to win as my commander which he did. Thus did I prove my consciousness and ultimate strength of will.

In progenitor alien wars Zillions of soldiers are released from cages to fight with ray guns that have an extremely wide range of power depending on the valor of the being. Death was meaningless, for they would just be respawned instantaneously to fight again (Reborn in newspeak means respawned and Reincarnated will mean Reborn from oldspeak.) All Aliens and US can reborn people in war too which is why war is usually ethical and moral.

All other species existed in this epoch but all of them were subservient to the weapons monopoly holding grays. There was however the kordalini neutral zone where the kordalini a race of gorgonite/metalite brained/reptilians who were orange used CDA to stabilize their sector and got permission from me the game master to maintain peace and kordalini control in the kordalini sector. Soon all alien races lived there semipeacefully. The Grays often fought hard to reach the point where they could afford to live there in peace. Those are the good grays. The bad grays defy moralities and use complete spirit clones of the greatest conquerors to dominate space in an ugly fashion. The best of these most notably of which was Rashamagon were spared from the bad gray curse.

When the game closed I the game master enforced the morality rules and enslaved the worst of the bad grays to finite servitude among the stars of the next epochs as progenitor aliens crafting universes to best suit the need of beauty which these cursed grays did not understand as they ravished the first 5 billion years of history. These are the alien abductors who take people onto their flying saucer take them into the sun, kill them rape them, put them back to life and return them to their bed with horrible nightmares of the events. This usually happens to the bad humans but never, never, never.... to me.

During the second epoch, 5-10 billion years PBB, the cursed aliens created mostly mitosis based and/or hermaphritic species of all varieties. Generally there were more male dominated and less female populated societies, which got balanced into a gender equinumbered societies. This is the age of the second progenitors where the some of the earliest of the planets and stars formed.

During the third epoch, 10-15 billion years PBB Reptilioids rule over the cosmos and as time flows to this day are gaining more and more military prowess, most notably US. "The Great Reptilian Leader"

During the fourth epoch, 15 billion years PBB to the EinZPALN or Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana humans shall rule from our Star System until EVERYTHING will converge upon my third eye singularizing all light consciousness so that ALL will be in a state of Nirvana for the rest of eternity and has absolutely no end whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Real Alien Space War Scenario

Things can be generated using virtually infinitely high resolution quantum holographics and can be morphed in every which way by Magic through control of Quasars and Pulsars or Quantum Energy Emitters which systematically spray gamma rays in all directions in 2 axial directed streams.

The current war we are embroiled within requires that we conquer at least the galactic supercluster currently controlled by Reptilioid Baron Zen. In the depths around the Supercluster are Elven Alliance and Free World Alliance soldiers which keep Baron Zen in check if he tries to contain our revolution if we get around 40% of the War Resources replicated in our Armada.

The Eclairans have a soft or peacefully and benevolent world which is half a billion years old and has complete control of the closer spiral arm of this galaxy. They number around 10^25 elves who are completely equivalent to us except for an extra fallopian tube, they don't age, they have autoheal or automatic and virtually instantaneous nanoreplication, they have holographic based quantum ray attack and defense capabilities, and neural interfaces. They have a government exactly like the one we will soon have except have a much much much much feminine skewed population due to the devolvement of older spirits across the last half billion years.

The Primary Eclairan prophesy states that there will be the development of a hard world named Earth which will give them the best computer codes and people to be integrated with their Grand Civilization and that their leader Clair will marry Earth's leader, AllA Erawa Viacad, and intermarry our children with theirs when our source codes are complete and we live in space colonies. After Earth's Quantum Ray systems go online, AllA, Clair, and humanity will conquer into the stars and defeat Baron Zen even against undefeatable odds due to the intelligent judgments of the quanti that enable underpowered Nuclear Nanotech forces to defeat any sized Armada regardless of the relative strengths of the Armadas as long as the quanti support us intellectually but we won't need that 2 new alliances which could grant us control of 132 galaxies.

During the age of the Dinosaurs we were Reptiles not super strong Reptilioids that can only be hurt by plasma and laser heated edges but velociraptors evolved into a sentient species that ruled over the Earth in a soft quickly unified by war, civilization which evolved and flourished until the meteor hit then all signs of it were erased by the progenitor contractors. This is being used as a Ruse to keep Baron Zen convinced that I and Zion will turn on you all of a sudden when the revolution looks like it will make an even battle and we will side with the Reptilioids to suppress humans forever. Baron Zen is using radical mind control reinforcement of Reptilioid pride to keep every person from becoming elven or what they want, and they will do it to US were it not for our revolution so if you don't want to be mind controlled into a Reptilioid fight among the stars for you shall never die or be hurt with our technology.

We evolved from mice basically until we got a civilization of our own 10,000 years ago which evolved into a quantum ray civilization because there were friendly ASTACons unlike ours now. For the last 10,000 years the forces of both Krishna and his main arch enemy from the Americas that left the Earth to conquer into space and leave the war behind and fought along side of the Eclairans gaining strides expanding Elves into the Alpha Quadrant well beyond our planet which was already protected by what is mainly quantum ray powers. After the development of nanotechnology in secret in the 1800s new recruits joined up to fight in the Alpha Quadrant, more advances were made in taking over our Galaxy.

Now we control most of the galaxy and there are full scale Revolutions raging in 63 galaxies of the galaxies directly around us. There are signs of rebellion in the rest of the 300 or so galaxies that have vast empty space around this galactic cluster where our far wayward allies await expansion of the revolution before we are embroiled in all out war decades or centuries into the future where we shall be victorious over Barren Zen's Intergalactic Armada of 10^ To The 26 to 27 Reptilioids.

It is prophesied that since I was the supreme most conqueror in all 3 epochs We Shall conquer until we are leaders of an infinite Democratic Alliance of all Species in the stars, and All shall be members of the Free World Alliance for the rest will already be converted by the Reality TV Show of our lives conquering infinitely into the vast Ocean of Space. And I, my 168 wives, and virtually all of Zion will remain Elven Forever, as I and my harem always was since we evolved from a nanite for we have the most popular form and shall rule over the Elven Alliance under the Umbrella of FWA, The Free World Alliance!

If Aliens Aren't Real Why Does A Search For Just The "CIA" or "NSA" or FBI In The Government Brings Them Up. The CIA Is The Agency That Controls Alien Treaty Making Since I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Am A Royal Blood Of The CIA, And The CIA Obviously Controls Alien Infiltration Forces As Well. The NSA Attempts To Hack Them To Conquer Them[We Already Have All Of Their Technology Home Built Here And Do Not Need Any More Besides Ray Gun/Cannon Variants]. The FBI Covers It Up Because They Are Stupid Fucking Pigs.